Q & A House cleaning services

Please contact us if you have further questions.


1. Do I need to be home while my house is being cleaned?

Not at all! One of our many goals at Liliana Cleaning Inc. is to be a convenience to our customers and not put a halt to their day.


2. Do I need to leave out cleaning products?

We provide and bring all of our own  cleaning products. Unless specified!


3.Can I change my cleaning plans and rotate rooms?

Absolutely! We can create and tailor custom cleaning plans that will best fit your unique lifestyle & your home!


4.Do you clean windows?

The routine we offer is inside and out of the front storm door, the back patio door, and inside of the window over the kitchen sink, all weather permitting. Beyond that, you are better off calling a professional window washing company to clean your windows.


5.How many crewmembers are you sending to my house?

Family owned & operated you will always see the same faces it's important to provide consistent cleaning & being comfortable with who's in your home. Typically one person unless needed additional help. 


6.Should I leave a tip?

As with any service provided, like going to a restaurant or a hair salon, tipping is encouraged. The current tipping standard is 15-20%.